Symfony 2.0.13 has just been released.
The CHANGELOGhas all the details about the changes and you can even have a look at the fulldiff.
If you are starting a new project, you can get the Symfony Standard Editiondistribution on the download page.
If you already have a project based on the Symfony Standard Edition 2.0.x, youcan easily upgrade to 2.0.12 by getting the newdeps anddeps.lockfiles.
Then, run the vendors script (it also clears your cache):

$ ./bin/vendors installRemember that the Symfony2 Components are also available as standalonelibraries. You can get them via their dedicated read-only repositories onGithub ( for instance), install them viaPEAR (pear install symfony2/Finder), or eveninstall them via Composer.

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